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Europa Universalis IV: Third Rome

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Europa Universalis IV: Third Rome is the first immersion pack for Europa Universalis IV, and builds on the incredible depth of the best-selling historical strategy game. The pack focuses on building a deeper experience for Russia and its cultural brothers, introducing new means to wield spiritual, political, and military control in the Russian empire.

Navigate new interactions with the Orthodox Patriarchate to convert piety into political power, expand the power of the state with new government ranks, levy powerful new military units and colonize the Siberian frontier as you aspire to claim your seat as Tsar.

Europa Universalis IV: Third Rome Includes:

Tsardoms and Principalities:

New ranks of Russian government with new abilities and, for Tsars, strong bonuses including the right to claim entire States – not just provinces.


Commission great religious icons for the Orthodox church, boosting your empire’s power depending on the saint you choose to revere.


Consecrate highly developed provinces with Patriarchs, adding to the authority of the Orthodox church, but for a cost.


Special Russian soldiers that excel in combat, but raise the cost of stabilizing your empire

Siberian Frontier:

Russian nations can slowly colonize uninhabited border regions, with no fear of native uprisings